ATLAS Software Environment @Victoria

This page is designed to be used by members of the UVIC ATLAS group to download and use ATLAS software which has been configured to run here. Generally there will be a central installation of the software and each user can download from here the few user files needed to properely interact with this installation.


If you wish to have access to the necessary environment variables to run local ATLAS code, add the following line to your .zshenv (if you are using zsh).

[ -f /home/uvatlas/.uvatlas_setup ] && . /home/uvatlas/.uvatlas_setup

If you are using a shell other than shouldn't be! But if you are, you can add the same line to your .profile and I expect everything will work.

If you would like to change to zsh, issue the following UNIX command

chsh username /usr/local/bin/zsh
you may have to do this on each of the individual machines you log into (it may not propogate well). Then copy ~uvatlas/.zshenv to set up all of your variables (it will already call the ATLAS startup script). The .zshenv file will be executed every time you log in.

ATGEN @Victoria

ATGEN is the ATLAS interface to many Monte Carlo generators (PYTHIA, ISAJET, NJETS, etc. see the manual for details).

ROOT/ATLFAST++ @Victoria

Sarah Groulx has wriiten a workterm report with a large ROOT appendix. Download the gzipped postscript here .

For a quick start to ROOT , look at the ROOT cheat sheet

For the comprehensive (ie. official) guide check out the manual .

We have created some local user examples to of the use of ATLFast++ in root.