Lectures, Reviews, and Talks


Last update was ages ago... Sorry. Will update soon.

Here is a selection of some recent talks:

CP Violation in B -> D*D(*) (.pdf file)
given at XVII Recontres de Blois "Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry" (Blois, France, June 2002)

First Measurement of CP Violating Asymmetries in B -> D*D(*) (.pdf file)
given at 2002 Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society Meeting (Williamsburg, VA, May 2002)

Probing CP Violation Beyond the Standard Model (.pdf file)
given at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, Oct. 2001)

Recent Results on B -> D*D(*) (.pdf file)
given at 2001 American Physical Society Meeting (Washington, DC, March 2001)

Kink Finding at BaBar (.pdf file)
given at Padova Physics Week (Padova, Italy, Sept. 1999)

my dissertation defense presentation (.pdf file)
(Princeton, NJ, May 2002)

and a somewhat more speculative presentation:
A New Road to Quantum Gravity? (.html)
(Stanford, CA, 2001)

Justin Albert --- justin@hep.caltech.edu