Resources for TRISEP 2019 Statistics Lectures

Dean Karlen / University of Victoria and TRIUMF
Resources for each section:
Section Statlets Jupyter lab folders GoSoapBox
Probability theory Binary output buttons trisep1
Describing data and distributions Data in 2D Data and distributions trisep1
Special probability distributions Probability distributions Special probability distributions trisep1
Monte Carlo methods Multiplicative Linear Congruential algorithm Monte Carlo methods trisep1
Testing hypotheses Hypothesis test with a continuous test statistic

Kolmogorov CDF

Testing Hypotheses trisep2
Estimating parameters and maximum likelihood Fitting 2 parameters Estimating parameters trisep3
Method of least squares Least squares fit trisep3
Errors and confidence intervals Errors and confidence intervals trisep4

Getting a copy of these resources for use after TRISEP

All of the material is free from copyright, and you are welcome to keep a copy. From any unix system you can download all the resources, including this index.html file, with the following command:

By opening the index.html file, the links will point to the local copies of all of the resources.