The following are theses written by former graduate students of the Particle Physics department. All are in .pdf format. The year of the thesis and the supervisor are in brackets.

Ph. D. Theses

Bailey, Ian: Ph.D. Thesis (2004, Keeler)

The W Boson Spin Density Matrix at OPAL

Bayes, Ryan: Ph.D. Thesis (2010, Olin/Kowalewski)
Measurement of the Decay Parameter rho and a Search for non-Standard Model Decays in the Muon Decay Spectrum

Bird, Chris: Ph.D. Thesis (2008, Pospelov)

The Early Universe as a Probe of New Physics

Bolokhov, Pavel: Ph.D. Thesis (2007, Pospelov)

Lorentz Violation in Quantum Field Theory

Courneyea, Lorraine: Ph.D. Thesis (2011, McPherson/Keeler)

Accounting for Jet Response Induced MET Background to New Physics at the ATLAS Experiment at CERN's LHC

Dobbs, Matt: Ph.D. Thesis (2002, Lefebvre)

Probing the Three Gauge-boson Couplings in 14 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions

Fortin, Dominique: Ph.D. Thesis (2006, Kowalewski)

Determination of the CKM elecment |Vub|

Graham, Kevin: Ph.D. Thesis (2001, Roney)

Precision Determination of the Electroweak Mixing Angle and Test of Neutral Current Universality from the Tau Polarization Measurements at OPAL

Hamano, Kenji: Ph.D. Thesis (2008, Kowalewski)

Measurement of Branching Fractions and Form Factor Parameters of B -> Dlnu and B -> D*lnu Decays at BaBar

Hillairet, Anthony: Ph.D. Thesis (2010, Olin/Lefebvre)
Measurement of the Delta and Eta Muon Decay Parameters

Ince, Tayfun: Ph.D. Thesis (2009, Keeler)
Prospects for Probing the Structure of the Proton with the Low-mass Drell-Yan Events in ATLAS

Jackson, Paul: Ph.D. Thesis (2004, Kowalewski)

A Search for B+ to K+ nu anti-nu

Kormos, Laura: Ph.D. Thesis (2003, Sobie/Keeler)
A Measurement of the Tau to Muon Branching Ratio

Lawson, Ian: Ph.D. Thesis (2000, Sobie/Keeler)
Neutral Kaon Production from One-prong Tau Decays

Nugent, Ian: Ph.D. Thesis (2008, Roney)
Precision Measurements of Tau Lepton Decays

O'Neil, Dugan: Ph.D. Thesis (2000, Lefebvre)

Performance of the ATLAS Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter and the Physics of Electroweak Top Production at ATLAS

Roberton, Steven: Ph.D. Thesis (1999, Sobie/Keeler)

A Measurement of the Tau Electronic Branching Ratio

Rosvick, Myron: Ph.D. Thesis (1991, Keeler)

Measurement of the Neutral Current in the Standard Model Using the Tau Polarization Asymmetries Determined from the Decay tau -> rho nu(tau)

Steuerer, Johannes Ph.D. Thesis (1995, Astbury)

Measurement of the Product Branching Ratio f(b -> Lambda(b)) � BR(Lambda(b) -> Lambda l nubar X)

Vachon, Brigitte: Ph.D. Thesis (2002, McPherson/Sobie)

Search for Excited Charged Leptons in Electron-Positron Collisions

Vanderster, Daniel: Ph.D. Thesis (2008, Dimopoulos/Sobie)
(Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Resource allocation and scheduling strategies using utility and the knapsack problem on computational grids

Vincter, Manuella: Ph.D. Thesis (1996, Keeler)

A Precision Measurement of the Ratio of the Effective Vector to Axial-Vector Couplings of the Weak Neutral Current at the Z(0) Pole

White, John: Ph.D. Thesis (1998, Sobie/Lefebvre)

Testing Lepton Universality using One-Prong Hadronic Tau Decays

M. Sc. Theses

Baker, Mark: M.Sc. Thesis (2009, Kowalewski)
Improving the robustness of the ATLAS calorimeter software trigger

Bayes, Ryan: M.Sc. Thesis (2006, Olin/Kowalewski)
A Search for Exotic Muon Decays in the TWIST Muon Decay Spectrum

Bird, Chris: M.Sc. Thesis (2001, Picciotto/Fearing)

Infrared Regularization in Relativistic Chiral Pertubation Theory

Bishop, Shawn: M. Sc. Thesis (1998, Keeler/Sobie)

A Low Noise Lifetime Measurement of Electrons Drifting in Liquid Argon

Brown, Chris: M.Sc. Thesis (2001, Roney)

A Study of the Leptonic Branching Ratios of the Tau at BaBar

Edmonds, Keith: M.Sc. Thesis (2007, McPherson/Lefebvre)
Prospects for Top Quark Mass Measurement Through the Fully Hadronic Decay of Top-Antitop Events with the ATLAS Detector

Fortin, Dominique: M. Sc. Thesis (2001, Lefebvre)
Performance of the ATLAS Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter Modules to Electrons and Pions

Fransham, Kyle: M.Sc. Thesis (2007, Karlen)

Evaluating the Performance of a Prototype TPC for Use in the ND280m Detector of the T2K Experiment

Gaudin, André: M.Sc. Thesis (2009, Roney)
Drift speed and gain measurements in the T2K time projection chambers

Hill, Ewan: M.Sc. Thesis (2011, Trigger/Lefebvre)

The cosmic muon flux in the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Hu, Ping: M. Sc. Thesis (1996, Keeler/Astbury)

A Study of the Response of the OPAL Calorimeter to Hadrons

Hughes, Tamara: M.Sc. Thesis (2006, Lefebvre)
Pion Energy Reconstruction Methods for the ATLAS Electromagnetic and Hadronic Endcap Calorimeters

Ince, Tayfun: M.Sc. Thesis (2005, Keeler)

Position Resolution of the ATLAS Electromagnetic Endcap Calorimeter

Jackson, Paul: M.Sc. Thesis (2001, Kowalewski)
Hypothesis Testing Variables Applied to Trajectory Fitting in the Babar Experiment

Jarrett, Michael: M.Sc. Thesis (2010, Albert)

Prospects for the Measurement of the Higgs CP Structure at ATLAS in Higgs to Four Lepton Decays

King, Greg: M.Sc. Thesis (2007, Sobie/Roney)

A Measurement of the Branching Fraction of the Decays of the Tau- Lepton to 2pi- pi+ eta nu

Koopmans, Kristen: M.Sc. Thesis (2007, Pospelov)

Catalyzed Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and the Properties of Charged Relics in the Early Universe

Kormos, Laura: M. Sc. Thesis (1998, Sobie/Keeler)

The Measurement of the Branching Ratio of the Decay of the Tau Lepton to Five Charged Hadrons

Lambert, Simon: M.Sc.. Thesis (2008, Pospelov)

Scalar-tensor Gravity with Pseudoscalar Couplings

Lawson, Ian: M.Sc. Thesis (1995, Sobie/Keeler)
Neutral Kaon Production from One-prong Tau Decays

Lewczuk, Mateusz: M.Sc. Thesis (2006, Sobie)
Measurement of High Multiplicity tau Branching Ratios

Lindsay, Clayton: M.Sc. Thesis (2009, Roney)
Search for the Lepton Flavour Violating Decay tau -> e gamma

Nugent, Ian: M.Sc. Thesis (2004, Roney)

The Utilization of Tau Pairs in Determining the Tracking Efficiency at the BaBar Experiment

Robertson, Steven: M. Sc. Thesis (1994, Lefebvre)

Energy Resolution of a Liquid Argon Electromagnetic Calorimeter with Pointing Geometry

Rosenbaum, Gabe: M.Sc. Thesis (2005, Karlen)

Measuring the Resolution of a GEM-TPC in a Magnetic Field

Sharman, Jonathan: M.Sc. Thesis (2010: Pospelov)

The impact of strongly interacting relics on big bang nucleosynthesis

Shaw, Warren: M.Sc. Thesis (2006, McPherson/Keeler)

Calibration and Response of the High Pseudorapidity Region of the ATLAS Liquid Argon End-cap Calorimeters

Storey, Douglas: M.Sc. Thesis (2010, Karlen)
A view screen beam profile monitor for the ARIEL e-linac at TRIUMF

Taylor, Ryan: M.Sc. Thesis (2009, Kowalewski)
Masking problematic channels in the liquid argon calorimeter for the high-level trigger of ATLAS

Wang, Kuhan: M.Sc. Thesis (2011, Keeler)
A study of missing transverse energy in minimum bias events with in-time pile-up at the Large Hadron Collider using the ATLAS Detector and √s=7 TeV proton-proton collision data

White, John: M. Sc. Thesis (1994, Lefebvre)

Spatial Reconstruction of Electrons with an Accordion Geometry Electromagnetic Calorimeter

Yun, Zinkoo: M.Sc. Thesis (2005, Roney)

A Study of Muon Pair Events at BaBar

Ph. D. Candidacies

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